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Corporate Photo and Video Experiences


Incorporating a photo booth into a corporate event can offer several benefits, making it a worthwhile addition. Some of these benefits include Engagement for your guests, Entertainment, Brand Promotion, Social Media Sharing, Networking, Data Collection, Content Generation and more. 

We offer a variety of experiences and activations to promote and create content for your brand. 

Classic Booth

Our Classic Booth produces professional studio-quality images and prints. The perfect addition to your Companies Event! Guest will love the memories they will make and the amazing photo strips that they can take home.

Starting at $600

Glam Photo Booth
Classic Photo Booth

Glam Booth

The Glam Booth was made popular by many celebrities. This style of booth is known for its ability to make everyone in the photo look “runway ready.”

Starting at $800

Vogue Booth

Bring out your inner Fashionista with our Vogue Booth.  The Vogue Booth is a fun 3 dimensional background that can be added to our Social Booth to capture unique and fun videos that will make you feel like a cover girl.

Vogue Booth

Starting at $550

Social Booth

Permanent Install

Setting up a permanent photo booth installation can be a great addition to various venues, including businesses, entertainment venues, or public spaces. A permanent installation offers consistent photo-taking opportunities for customers and can serve various purposes, including entertainment, marketing, content creation and brand sharing.

Starting at $800

Social Booth

The Social Booth offers endless options of fun. This booth gives your guests the options of Photos, Gifs, Boomerang or Video. This booth can also be used as a Video Confessional or Video Guestbook with endless customization abilities.

Starting at $350

Permanant Photo Booth
360 Booth

360 Booth

When you want to WOW your guests our 360 Booth is your top choice. Through slow-motion and boomerang features, your guests will have their own live-action video clip to share. Guests will step onto a round platform. Once ready your booth attendant will begin the 360 video experience. Customize the video with your wedding colors and names.

Starting at $600

Roaming Booth

A Roaming Booth is our Social Booth on the move. This is a great way to interact with event attendees, capturing candid and posed photos of guests throughout the event. This booth can roam freely to capture moments at various locations within the event space allowing guests to share their images on the spot.

Roaming Photo Booth

Starting at $500

Event Photography

Event/Content Photography

We offer photography services for company events, award banquets and social media content creation. With over 20 years of portrait and wedding experience let us capture the content for you.

We also offer Sport My Photos. An AI face recognition experience for events. 

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